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Trivial Travails

The trials, tribulations, and joys of creating a new exhibit. Story & Photos By Dr. Donald H. Keith, President, Turks & Caicos National Museum Foundation Putting the new “Golden Age of Grand Turk” exhibit together has been a challenge for us in a lot of different ways. This will not be obvious to the casual […]

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Natural History

Until We Meet Again

A fond farewell to “Treasures of the Sea.” By Suzanne Gerber ~ Photos By Barbara Shively Some things you just never get tired of, no matter how many times you’ve been there or done them. Spending time topside and especially, underwater, in the Turks & Caicos Islands are tops on Barbara Shively’s and my list. […]

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Water Sports

Paddling East

Adventure is only a few (thousand) strokes away! Story & Photos By John Galleymore I often find myself planning an adventure or trip, during an adventure or trip. Perhaps this is because I have time to think and reflect during these times of solitude and isolation. Admittedly, some of the schemes I find myself planning […]

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Getting to Know

Singing a Song of Praise

Robyn Hinds By Kathy Borsuk Although I am not a fan of electronic media, this is one time when print falls short. The only way to do justice to Robyn Hinds’ talent is to hear it! Her powerful, soulful voice lifts glorious praise to the Lord, to Whom she gives all thanks for her awesome […]

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Green Pages

Swim Like an Eagle

TCI’s eagle rays on “Near Threatened” list By Dr. Aaron C. Henderson, Resident Lecturer, The School for Field Studies, Center for Marine Resource Studies, South Caicos The spotted eagle ray, known scientifically as Aetobatus narinari, is one of the largest species of fish inhabiting the waters around the Turks & Caicos Islands. Growing up to […]

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On the Cover

For the past 10 years, Barbara Shively has been delighting readers with her artful photos of the TCI's treasures of the sea. Her love for Grand Turk diving and passion for underwater photography burst from each photo, and this cover is no exception.

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