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Paradise Perfected: On Schedule

ocwextBy Kathy Borsuk

Throughout 1999, the construction site for Ocean Club West, just west of Grace Bay Club on Providenciales, appeared little more than a dusty blur to passersby on Grace Bay Road. Large trucks rumbled back and forth and hordes of hard-hatted workers seemed to be moving about, but it was hard to imagine that a functioning resort would be ready by Christmas.

Appearances can be deceiving. When I toured the grounds in early December with Sales Manager Cathy Lewis, mere days before the first guests would arrive, I was amazed to discover that promises made by the developers have been kept. The four coral-trimmed buildings closest to the beach were complete, with suites beautifully appointed and awaiting welcome baskets to be placed within. A freeform pool wound through the expansive central courtyard around a verdant, gazebo-capped island. Ocean Club’s trademark landscaping was flourishing at every turn and the new Seaside Cafe was ready for business.

“We did it again,” Cathy said, referring to the fact that Ocean Club West, like its sister property Ocean Club, opened on schedule, as promised–no small feat on an isolated island where all materials must be imported and skilled labor is scarce. “Actually, we’ve surpassed our original timetable by almost a year and a half. A fifth building will be finished and ready for occupancy in March, another is scheduled for April, the last building in July, and the reception area and tennis courts should be on-line by the end of the year.”

In fact, of the 90 one, two and three-bedroom condominium suites available, at press time, almost 2/3 had been sold in only 18 months! Cathy attributes several factors to this astonishing record. “First of all, the developers of Ocean Club have acquired a solid reputation for developing and managing a first-rate operation. As a result, everyone feels safe about recommending Ocean Club. Many new Ocean Club West owners either already own one or more units at Ocean Club or have stayed there and witnessed firsthand our commitment to quality and service.” As we gazed down at Grace Bay’s sparkling waters from a top-floor suite balcony, Cathy wryly added the obvious, “Take a look at that view, add the beauty of this resort, and the suites practically sell themselves!”

While maintaining many Ocean Club signature features–breathtaking seascapes, oversized screened balconies, suites easily convertible into smaller rental units, even the vanilla and coral color scheme–Ocean Club West was “tweaked” into perfection with knowledge gained over the ten years Ocean Club has been in business. Most noticeable is the expansion of the oceanfront central courtyard, an exhalation of space made possible by Ocean Club West’s wider property dimensions.

Even though all suites have outstanding ocean and pool views, bedrooms lacking close proximity to the beach are compensated with private screened balconies overlooking the gardens. In buildings towards the back of the property, top-floor units boast two-story bedroom suites.

My tour included a look into the suites. Recalling Ocean Club’s brightly colored tropical motif, I noticed that Ocean Club West leans towards a more subdued sophistication of whites, woods and wicker, with sea-themed accent pieces. Expansive balconies line the main living areas, offering heartbreaking views of Grace Bay’s world-renowned beaches and reef-protected cerulean seas. Kitchens are fully equipped and ultramodern, large en suite baths complete each bedroom, and I admired the well-constructed jalousie snap-down windows, putting guests in control of light and air flow.

Cathy demonstrated how easily an owner’s rental options are multiplied. By simply locking a door, a larger suite is converted into what she called a studio suite. Popular with singles, couples and businesspeople, this value-priced option, accessed by separate entrance, includes a private porch and mini-kitchen.

Owners will benefit from an Ocean Club Resorts marketing partnership. Utilizing a Florida-based public relations firm and advertising agency, enthusiastic Marketing Manager Tracy Heitzig is excited about plans combining the two properties. She explains, “We’ve developed a new logo, brochure and web site that presents both resorts as one entity.”

Tracy urges everyone to visit Ocean Club’s innovative new web site at Besides a virtual video/music tour and camera shots of the properties, web surfers can view the “Picture of the Day,” a feature that has caught on like wildfire as a way to keep in touch or preview the Turks & Caicos.

Guests enjoy the opportunity to stay at either resort while enjoying the amenities of both thanks to a complimentary shuttle covering the one-mile span between Ocean Club and Ocean Club West. Visitors can enjoy three restaurants, three pools and three tennis courts. Early reports say that sampling a little of both properties is proving very popular.

Does the future hold an Ocean Club South or East? Cathy simply grins and says that for now, she looks forward to NOT working in a construction zone. However, I caught the sense that future possibilities did await and that, someday, paradise might be perfected to the third degree.

For more information on Ocean Club Resorts, visit

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