The Ride of a Lifetime

Cruising in paradise on a V-Twin motorcycle.

By Kathy Borsuk ~ Photos By Ileana Ravasio, Attimi Photography

I must admit my perceptions of motorcyclists are stereotypical and come from limited experience. On one hand, I envision the outlaw bikers personified in “Rebel Without a Cause,” yet I also recall a parade of Harley folks riding with stuffed animals through the streets of Portland, Oregon to benefit sick kids, including my niece.

So I was surprised to learn that these days, many of those baby-booming “easy riders” have grown into successful professionals who are passionate about motorcycling as recreation. Their creed is, “It’s not the destination, it’s the ride.” With the recent opening of RideTCI in Providenciales, avid motorcyclists can now enjoy that ride in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world!

When you enter RideTCI’s headquarters at Provo Plaza on Leeward Highway, the first thing you notice is that oddly-appealing “new car/fresh tire” smell in the air.  A glance to the back of the shop reveals five, gleaming, premium motorcycles that can only be described as gorgeous! Polished chrome contrasts with brightly colored tanks and wheel covers and gleaming black rubber; each bike so spotless you’d hate to ride through a puddle!

Avid motorcycle riders regularly cruise Providenciales' paved roads.

Avid motorcycle riders regularly cruise Providenciales’ paved roads.

This is the starting place for partakers in this niche attraction, and RideTCI is the first to offer tours with and rentals of classic V-Twin cruisers, including iconic Harley Davidson Sportster 1200s: The “48,” The “72,” and The “Custom;” and Kawasaki Vulcan 900s: The “Classic,” and The “Custom.” Each motorcycle has the perfect combination of aesthetics, torque-laden power, and easy handling chassis for touring Providenciales in comfort, control, and style.

RideTCI was opened this summer by Luigi Garritano and Tony Lancaster, longtime TCI residents and avid bikers themselves. They explained the unique aura that motorcycle cruising embraces. “True bikers get an external and internal pleasure from riding a motorcycle—deep into your heart and soul. No matter where they are, they like to ride and want to ride. We are offering the chance to cruise in a sunny, warm location with good roads, limited traffic, spectacular vistas, and plenty of places to stop and explore.”

Luigi and Tony are members of the Provo Midlife Crisis Motorcycle Club. For the past six years, this pack of four to twelve bikers has roamed the island’s roads on a Sunday morning. Tony explains, “In spite of having different backgrounds and personalities, we enjoy a strong camaraderie because we share a common love. We wanted to offer this experience to visitors who have the same passion.” Luigi adds, “It’s fun to ride with our clients and it turns into a bonding experience for all of us.”

RideTCI offers four-hour motorcycle tours of Providenciales that cover both the typical tourist spots and unexpected “off the beaten path” locations, with lots of photo opportunities. The tour includes a break for lunch and refreshments along the way, with the chance to swap stories about other great rides and experiences.

Alternatively, visitors can rent the awesome and immaculately kept cruisers by the hour, 1/2 day, full day, or choose a customised tour, should they prefer to ride to the beat of their own drum. All rentals include a full tank of gas, use of a helmet, and third party liability insurance.

Because the key goal of RideTCI is to create a safe, pleasurable experience, riders must be at least 25 years old, produce a valid motorcycle license, and be experienced with riding full size motorcycles. (Couples can ride with one as a passenger.) Of course, long pants and closed shoes are best . . . along with the traditional biker attitude of respect, honor, dignity, and adventure!

Riders can choose their “flavor” from the pristine fleet in the shop. Luigi says, “No two of our bikes are identical as to seating, color, or riding characteristics. They each have a unique personality and we’re actually thinking of giving them names.” The bikes were purchased in Texas and shipped to TCI partially assembled. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the RideTCI mechanics put them together and the inaugural ride for the fleet took place up Leeward Highway.

Interestingly, the photogenic bikes are also available as props for events and photo shoots, and have already participated in a “biker wedding” held in Grace Bay.

Although not a motorcycle rider myself, I can sense the appeal. The big bikes have an alluring attraction to their heft, handlebars, and powerful engines for easy maneuvering on the road. From the seat of a bike, you’re free to take in all the sights, feel the warm sea breeze and taste the salty tang of the ocean. You’re open to the sounds and smells of the Caribbean. Best of all, the call of the open road give you the freedom to shape an experience all your own. Get on a bike, and the world goes away . . . a

For more information, visit www.RideTCI.com or call 649 241 7433.

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