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Small Island, Big History

Grand Turk is an island of historical importance. By Dr. Carlton Mills It has been commonly taught that Christopher Columbus’ first landfall in the “New World” was San Salvador in the Bahamas. In recent years, this theory has been challenged by two Turks & Caicos Islands historians, the late H.E. Sadler and Josiah Marvel. These […]

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Summer in the Turks & Caicos Islands

By David P. Carroll ~ Photo By Marta Morton Summer by the sea and It’s so beautiful to stop And see watching the Children smiling so bright Having fun in the warm Summer sunlight feeling the warmth On my face and Turks & Caicos Islands is just A beautiful sunny place and Taste the sweetest […]

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Striving for Gold

The TCI’s “gold standard” continues to attract investors. By Kathy Borsuk Although the Turks & Caicos Islands are not able to participate in the Olympics, the country has earned a gold medal for its superb handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also broken records in real estate sales since the border’s reopening a little […]

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Pirate Attack!

Rediscovering the epic battle off West Caicos. By Ben Stubenberg On an early summer morning in 1798, a balmy breeze filled the luffing sails of five sturdy sloops setting off in search of a ship that had run aground. From Ft. George Cay, the boats glided south along the white sand beaches of Pine Cay, […]

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Green Pages

If Rocks Could Talk . . .

Their story would be fascinating. By Carmen Hoyt, Waterfront Assistant, The School for Field Studies After how many birthdays do you stop keeping track? If it’s any consolation, the Earth is 4.54 billion years old and still going strong. 4.54 billion years . . . think about it. A billion is difficult to grasp, not […]

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Green Pages

Here with a Roar!

A tenacious invader now calls the Turks & Caicos home. By Ben Farmer, Waterfront Assistant, The School for Field Studies I was on a drift-dive in southern Florida when I speared my first lionfish. There, I began to understand the difficulty of controlling this species which is invasive to the tropical Atlantic and devastates reef […]

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Pearls of the Sea

The story of “Ollie.” Story & Photos By Kelly Currington Anyone who takes a moment to gaze out over the stunning turquoise waters of the Turks & Caicos Islands must wonder about all the amazing creatures that are out there. What lies beneath those beautiful hues of blue? The Turks & Caicos Islands are home […]

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Talking Taino

Not a Pot to “Cook” In

The TCI’s Indigenous people were quite creative in food preparation. By Bill Keegan, Betsy Carlson, Michael Pateman and Lindsay Bloch Irving Rouse, the doyen of Caribbean archaeology, once estimated that pottery comprised 90% of all artifacts found in the region. It should come as no surprise then that the precontact history of the Islands is […]

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What's New?

The Natural World

New edition breathes fresh life into a timely subject. By Diane Taylor In a very real scientific sense, the Earth breathes us and we breathe the Earth. This has to do with the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. Now, however, excess carbon in the atmosphere puts all life at risk. One way to reinstate […]

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On the Cover

Agile LeVin—photographer, explorer and chronicler of everything TCI on his website www.visittci.com—took this drone photo of the multi-textured wetlands of West Caicos. He was part of the expedition that investigated the site of the historic pirate attack in the area. For more information and photos, go to page 48.

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