Summer 2010

  • Amazing Maize June 29, 2010 Middle Caicos grits have a long and distinquished ancestry. By Bill Keegan In Hispaniola both Indians and Spaniards have two kinds of bread. One sort is made of maíz, which is a grain, and the other of cassava. Maize is grain that is borne on an ear about six to eight inches long. This ear or spike is covered with ... Read more about this post
  • Little Islands, Little Plants June 29, 2010 Some of the TCI’s native plants make it their business to be small and cryptic. By B. Naqqi Manco, TCI Naturalist Tom Hanks and I have something in common. Both of us have found ourselves “cast away” on some very tiny islands during our careers, and both of us have established solid friendships there with nonhuman friends ... Read more about this post
  • The Inconsiderate Sailor June 29, 2010 Meet one of the most eccentrically fascinating, yet obnoxious, animals in the sea. By B. Naqqi Manco, TCI Naturalist Photos By Marlon Hibbert and Eric Salamanca Anyone who spends time in nature and gets to know our fellow earth inhabitants quickly learns that human manners, while shamefully rare within our own kind, certainly stop at our species’ borders. ... Read more about this post
  • The Party Starts Here! June 29, 2010 TCI’s premier party planners host events of all shapes and sizes. By Kathy Borsuk From the day I moved into my office in the Lucille Lightbourne Building in downtown Providenciales, I noticed a steady bustle of activity around the small office next to mine. The sign on the door said “Got-U-Covered” and “Skyjuice” and trucks bearing the ... Read more about this post
  • Cultural Connection June 29, 2010 Archaeological study of new Grand Turk site links settlers through time. By Betsy Carlson Photos Courtesy Turks & Caicos National Museum For a week in February 2010, two archaeologists from Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc. (SEARCH) out of Gainesville, Florida joined Neal Hitch of the Turks & Caicos National Museum and Brian Riggs of the National Environmental Center to ... Read more about this post
  • In the Mood for Magnificence June 29, 2010 An evening at Parallel23 By Kathy Borsuk Photos By Tropical Imaging Known as a luxury vacation destination, there are places on Providenciales that can transport you from the common to the sublime. Few do it as well as The Regent Palms. As soon as you step onto its manicured grounds, you enter a bygone era of quiet elegance. ... Read more about this post
  • Anemone of the People June 29, 2010 Multi-hued sea anemones turn the coral reef into an underwater garden. By Suzanne Gerber Photos By Barbara Shiveley No, you’re not confused: There are anemones in your garden, and there are sea anemones in the ocean. In fact, the ornately colored sea anemone (uh-NEM-uh-nee) is so called because of the striking resemblance it bears to its colorful terrestrial ... Read more about this post
  • Strength in the Numbers June 29, 2010 TCI’s banks remain well-regulated, solid and stable. By Kathy Borsuk On April 9, 2010, a Friday afternoon, Turks & Caicos Islands Bank Ltd. (TCIB) was placed under provisional liquidation — basically “closed” for the time being. Thousands of small depositors, along with local and overseas business customers, no longer had access to their funds. For some, this ... Read more about this post
  • A Glimpse of Heaven June 29, 2010 Provo’s Children’s Home provides a safe haven for children in need. By Kathy Borsuk There’s no doubt that God has a special place in His heart for children, and, through the teachings of His Son Jesus Christ, encourages us to do the same. We can mourn along with the Father when any child is hungry, hurt, abused, ... Read more about this post
  • Blazing Ahead of the Competition June 28, 2010 Islandcom revolutionizes the TCI wireless market By Kathy Borsuk Imagine being able to download your favorite tunes, photos, movies, streaming videos and games into your Blackberry, iPhone or iPad with lightning-fast speed. Surf the Web and access email while making a call! Want to see who you’re speaking to while you talk? Tired of hard-to-hear and dropped ... Read more about this post

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