Fall 2006

  • Our Boa Belongers September 1, 2006 Everything you wanted to know about Turks & Caicos snakes. By Bryan Naqqi Manco, Senior Conservation Officer, Turks & Caicos National Trust Although animals have coexisted with humans on the planet since we first met, only certain animals have made such an impact on the minds of humans that they are known around the world as a ... Read more about this post
  • Dare to Dive Differently September 1, 2006 Tradewinds Guest Suites and Salt Cay Divers epitomize the Salt Cay experience. Story and Photos By Michele Belanger-McNair Scuba diving enthusiasts are as varied as any group of travelers today. It is a sport for the very young and those battling age. It can be for families, honeymooners, technical divers and photographers, to name but a few ... Read more about this post
  • Talking Taino: Boat Trips September 1, 2006 Surviving in an ocean environment links all TCI inhabitants as one. By Betsy Carlson and Bill Keegan Life on an island is just not possible without boats. The history of the Turks & Caicos, both prehistorically and historically, is linked to the ability to build boats and navigate the oceans successfully. Not just anybody can go out and ... Read more about this post
  • Islands Walk-About, Part II September 1, 2006 More than a touch of civilization marks the second part of the journey. Story & Photos By Martin Pepper In the old days, Turks & Caicos Islanders regularly walked between islands. This fact inspired Martin Pepper to walk, swim and hitch-hike about 100 miles from the southern tip of South Caicos to the northern edge of Providenciales, ... Read more about this post
  • Walkin’ on Water September 1, 2006 TCI’s watersports repertoire now includes skiing, riding, flying and footin’. Story by Doug Camozzi and J.P. Fidelle, Nautique Sports In Biblical times, the supernatural feat of walking on water was done ever-so-gracefully – with no assistance from a boat with a 200 horsepower outboard engine or even the power of the wind! These days, watercraft and sails ... Read more about this post
  • Quick Change Artists September 1, 2006 Fish like the parrot-, trumpet- and hogfish use color change for protection. Story by Suzanne Gerber Photos by Barbara Shively Of all the fish in the sea, the parrotfish may be the most recognizable. Technically, these common reef dwellers (and favorite of snorkelers and divers) are members of the Scaridae family. A number of years ago, marine biologists ... Read more about this post
  • Luxury is Still Affordable September 1, 2006 The Villa del Mar Hotel & Resort offers a reasonably priced alternative to Grace Bay beachfront condominiums. By Kathy Borsuk It doesn’t seem fair. These days, a sun, sand and sea drenched lifestyle in the Turks & Caicos Islands, especially on Providenciales, appears reserved for the rich (and/or famous). A glance through the local real estate association’s ... Read more about this post
  • The “New Normal” September 1, 2006 An outline of objectives for advancing TCI’s financial services industry. By Gilbert NMO Morris, Chief Economist, The Landfall Centre for Finance, Trade and International Affairs Finance is the Turks & Caicos Islands’ second most profitable industry after tourism. A steering committee set up earlier this year aims to breathe new life into the sector and boost the ... Read more about this post

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Photographer Marta Morton took a much-anticipated trip to Salt Cay in early April, where, among some 5,000 pictures, she captured this intriguing shot of the island’s iconic donkeys. You will find more of Marta’s beautiful photography throughout this issue and atPhotographer Agile LeVin captured this magnificent shot of freediver Samantha Kildegaard, of Free Dive With Me, at Malcolm’s Road Beach on Providenciales. Agile, who grew up and currently resides in Turks & Caicos, has been turning his camera to the country’s beauty for most of his life. He, along with his brother Daniel, produce Visit TCI , a website filled with comprehensive and current information about the Islands.

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