Summer 2021 Archive

  • What’s Hiding in Your Closet? June 24, 2021
    Donations are the lifeblood of the Turks & Caicos National Museum. Story & Photo Collages By Lisa Turnbow-Talbot Everyone knows that non-profit organizations rely on monetary donations, but for the Turks & Caicos National Museum that is not the only donation that matters. Gifts-in-kind of photographs, videotapes, books, pamphlets, manuscripts, maps, historical objects, business records, organization records, ...
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  • If Maps Could Talk . . . June 24, 2021
    Visualizing the Grand Turk of yesteryear. Story and Images Courtesy Marjorie Sadler In the final pages of H.E. Sadler’s book, Turks Islands Landfall, the author (my father) gives some history of North Creek in Grand Turk which President Forth (served 1848–1854) believed was a huge asset to the island simply awaiting development. Forth was the Turks & ...
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  • Hot, Hot, Hot! June 24, 2021
    TCI’s real estate market is on fire. By Kathy Borsuk There’s no doubt summer has arrived in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The somewhat-cooler days, low humidity and slanted sunshine of winter and spring have given way to bright, hot days bookended by lusciously pastel early mornings and long, tawny evenings. It’s prime time for watersports in ...
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  • Paradise Waiting June 24, 2021
    TCI’s reopening an unqualified success. By Jayne Baker ~ Photos By Paradise Photography It’s the morning of July 22, 2020. Just after noon, American Airlines is due to fly in the first visitors to our shores since the borders closed four months prior.The mood on Providenciales is a muddled brew of optimism, relief and caution. Aware of ...
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  • The Stars of Our Woods June 24, 2021
    The Bahama woodstar is TCI’s only regular resident hummingbird. By B Naqqi Manco, TCI Naturalist ~ Photos by Marta Morton Some years ago, while drilling drift seeds for a craft project, a bay bean Cannavalia rosea seed escaped and rolled across the floor, at some point getting swept out the front door. Seed coat compromised and sitting ...
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  • Sponging It Up June 22, 2021
    The hidden beauty of sponges. Story & Photos By Melissa Heres, Waterfront Assistant, The School for Field Studies Sponges, in my humble opinion, are likely the most underrated of all marine organisms. Often underappreciated and tossed aside as a bathing accessory or the feature of children’s TV shows, sponges don’t necessarily come to mind when one thinks ...
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  • A New Hope? June 22, 2021
    TCRF tests alternate, non-antibiotic treatment against SCTLD. Story & Photos By Alizee Zimmermann, Turks & Caicos Reef Fund From wreaking havoc on the Florida Reef Tract to now threatening the stony coral population of reefs in 17 countries and territories, Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) is proving itself to be the most aggressive, virulent and indiscriminate ...
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  • Bonefish Ahead! June 22, 2021
    Hauling bonefish with Willis Taylor “back in the day.” By Diane Taylor ~ Photos By Marta Morton It was Easter Monday of 1982. On a whim, a small group of us (six, to be exact) sailed from Pine Cay to Sandy Point on North Caicos with Richard Kriss on his 22′ sailboat Little Wing. It was beautiful ...
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  • Child’s Play June 21, 2021
    What was the life of Taíno children like? By Bill Keegan, Betsy Carlson and Michael Pateman The huge interest in the Paleo Diet got us wondering. If eating like a “Caveman” was a great idea, then why not other ancient practices, like childrearing? However, developing Paleo-Parenting guidelines proved challenging because children are largely invisible in research on ...
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  • Be Prepared! June 21, 2021
    2021 hurricane season poised to be active. By Paul Wilkerson The Tropical Atlantic region is fresh off the most active hurricane season in history, with 30 named storms and 14 hurricanes, with 6 major hurricanes. While no two seasons are alike, can we expect similar results for the 2021 season? Hurricane season runs annually in the Atlantic from ...
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  • Born of Necessity June 21, 2021
    TCI’s first airline comes to life. Story & Photos By Bengt Soderqvist After Fritz Ludington’s Provident Limited kick-started the development of Providenciales in the fall of 1966, a lot of changes occurred. Nothing changed more dramatically than the way people were traveling. Up until that point, the main modes of transportation had been walking and boating. The sailing ...
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South Caicos was once a major exporter of salt harvested from its extensive salinas. Award-winning Master and Craftsman Photographer James Roy of Paradise Photography ( created this vertical composition by assembling a series of six images captured by a high-definition drone which was a half a mile away from his position.

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