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Veteran, Legend, Hero

The life and times of James Edward (“Bobby”) Fulford. By Carlton & Debbie-lee Mills In March 2020, it was my distinct privilege to interview Mr. James “Bobby” Fulford as part of my research for a book I was contracted by FortisTCI to write on the history of electricity in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Mr. […]

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Empowering ExtraOrdinary Minds

The remarkable journey of Ashley’s Learning Centre. By Abigail Parnell ~ Images Courtesy Ashley’s Learning Centre Education is the cornerstone of our lives, opening doors to opportunities and a brighter future. Yet, for those with special educational needs, this path is often riddled with challenges due to limited resources. Ashley’s Learning Centre strives to bridge […]

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Sporting a Glimmer of Hope

Athlete Development Fund the catalyst to the future of TCI sports. By Nandina Hislop, Media and Communications Specialist, TCI Sports Commission and Jarrett Forbes, Director of Sports, TCI Sports Commission ~ Photos by Nandina Hislop The Turks & Caicos Islands, like many other Caribbean countries, is passionate about sports. South Caicos has a rich history […]

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Green Pages

Microbial Mats

The past and the future intertwine on Little Ambergris Cay. By Rachel Craft ~ Photos By Usha Lingappa Little Ambergris Cay, an uninhabited 1,600-acre island in the Turks & Caicos, is home to birds, turtles, rock iguanas, and more. But the majority of its denizens are hidden beneath the muddy surface of the island’s mangrove […]

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Green Pages

Iguana Be Left Alone!

Why TCI tourists should avoid feeding rock iguanas. By Mel DeBlasio (Yale University), Libby Dube (Western Washington University), and Anna Templeton (University of Vermont) ~ Edited by C.E. O’Brien, Ph.D. (The School for Field Studies, Center for Marine Resource Studies, South Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands) Visitors flock to the Turks & Caicos Islands to enjoy the […]

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What's New?

Bound by Sisal

The Carlton Williams Promenade makes connections. By Jody Rathgeb ~ Photos By Tom Rathgeb Views of the beautiful, shallow waters of Bottle Creek, North Caicos . . . a cold drink and hot meal at a local restaurant . . . handmade fanner grass baskets for sale . . . a celebration of an island […]

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Giving Back

Small Changes, Big Impact

How can we keep the Islands clean and pristine? By Kelly Currington The tropical sun beams down on the shimmering turquoise water surrounding the Turks & Caicos Islands to produce a scene that cannot be described in words. For many travelers, there is no seascape more beautiful in the world. The ebb and flow of […]

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Creature Feature

The Original House Flippers

Hermit crabs take real estate seriously. Story & Photos By Kelly Currington Hermit crabs’ unusual name comes from the fact that they carry their home on their back, inferring that they are reclusive and live in solitude, but this is far from true. They can actually be very social animals and create communities in the […]

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Remember When?

By Plane, Boat, and Golf Cart

Pine Cay’s first (and only?) treadle sewing machine. By Diane Taylor Some offer mosaic classes to school kids. Others weave straw baskets for sale. Still others grow tomatoes or sweet potatoes or collect conch pearls or count birds or feed the donkeys or bear daughters or fight our legal battles or save the reefs. And […]

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Marta Morton, our ace photographer for all things beautiful in nature photographed this little female Bahama woodstar hummingbird collecting nectar from Ixora flowers by the pool at Harbour Club. View more of her images at www.harbourclubvillas.com

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