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  • A Property Puzzle April 1, 2024
    The controversial ownership of Breezy Point on East Caicos — Part 2 By Jeff Dodge Who were the legitimate owners of East Caicos island, or more specifically, a tract of land at Breezy Point? The answer to this question turns out to be a convoluted story that is proving difficult to unwind. This is Part Two of ...
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  • New Company, Old Roots March 29, 2024
    Island Mystique showcases the soul of TCI. By Rachel Craft ~ Images Courtesy Island Mystique “You’ve never experienced us like this before.” That’s the slogan of TCI’s newest tour company, Island Mystique, which launched in late 2023. Island Mystique aims to be the Islands’ first culturally immersive tour company by inviting visitors to step out of their resorts ...
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  • On the Way Back March 29, 2024
    South Caicos, past and present By Dr. Carlton and Verona Mills Anyone who has lived in the Islands for any length of time knows that patience, perseverance, and resilience are required characteristics to survive, along with a daily dollop of hope. South Caicos is no different. With a long history of success and achievement—many reasons to sing ...
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  • Investment and Nature Working Together March 20, 2024
    New Natural Capital Investment Plan to launch this summer. By Andy Tetlow, International Biodiversity Officer, Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) The environmental landscape of the Turks & Caicos Islands plays a vital role in the country’s tourism-focused economy, providing “ecosystem services” that have a significant impact on communities across TCI.  What are ecosystem services, you may ask? This ...
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  • Conservation and Resilience March 20, 2024
    The Darwin PLUS 129 Project focuses on TCI wetlands. By Christopher May, Samuel Pike, Katie Medcalf, B Naqqi Manco, Dodly Prosper, and Junel Blaise As development steadily progresses throughout the Turks & Caicos Islands, it remains crucial to conserve and protect the areas that make the country “Beautiful by Nature.” The North, Middle and East Caicos wetlands ...
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  • From Surf to Turf March 20, 2024
    Connections between marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Story & Photos By Bill Bigelow, The School for Field Studies, Center for Marine Resource Studies, South Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands At The School for Field Studies’ (SFS) Center for Marine Resource Studies, I start my research course by posing a seemingly simple question to students: “What is a land crab?” ...
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  • The Early Years March 12, 2024
    Sapodilla Bay/Taylor Bay/Chalk Sound development. Story & Historical Photos By James (Jim) Brown I am from Canada where it is COLD during the winters, so in 1974 there was a very popular movement to align with or even have the Turks & Caicos Islands join Canada. It was an idea that appealed to everyone in Canada and ...
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  • A Journey of Purpose and Responsibility March 12, 2024
    Her Excellency Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam, Governor of the Turks & Caicos Islands By Davidson Edens Louis ~ Photos By Elemento Photography I was eager to meet the country’s first female governor, not only because of her impressive track record and swift achievements but also because I wanted to encounter the true, authentic self beyond her title. Ms. Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam ...
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  • A Property Puzzle December 18, 2023
    The controversial ownership of Breezy Point on East Caicos–Part 1. By Jeff Dodge From J. Henry Pusey’s The Handbook of the Turks and Caicos Islands (1897 edition): “the large tract of land called Breezy Point was otherwise designated Cape Comet is also included in Grand Caicos. . .” Who were the legitimate owners of East Caicos Island, or ...
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  • Sensational Sequel December 18, 2023
    TCI Arts Foundation invigorates entertainment options in the Islands. By Kathy Borsuk ~ Images Courtesy TCI Arts Foundation It’s quite uncommon that I schedule an interview around the plans of a puppeteer. But Clare Jaget, executive director of the TCI Arts Foundation, was busy making sure Patrick Osteen got to schools on time. The renowned puppeteer was ...
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  • The Energy of Authenticity December 18, 2023
    The Loren at Turtle Cove reflects its deep roots. By Kathy Borsuk ~ Renderings Courtesy The Loren at Turtle Cove I don’t think there’s anyone more suited than Robert Greenwood to introduce potential investors to The Loren at Turtle Cove. As he talks about this most-anticipated addition to the luxury resort scene, his face lights up with ...
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  • Beyond the Beach December 18, 2023
    There’s more to be explored when you dig deeper. By Rachel Craft It’s no surprise that most visitors come to the Turks & Caicos Islands for the beaches. TCI’s powdery soft sand, crystal-clear waters, and abundant snorkeling sites have landed it on “world’s best beaches” lists for years. But visitors who venture outside their resort will find ...
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  • Who Gets a Piece of Paradise December 18, 2023
    Investigating the perils of expanding tourism. By Ben Stubenberg Legend has it that the notorious female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read hid out in the sheltered coves of the Caicos Cays after raiding passing ships. The protective barrier reef provided a tranquil refuge after a stressful day of sword fights and cannons blazing. The turquoise waters ...
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  • Do the (Bipedal) Locomotion December 18, 2023
    Two-“legged” walking in octopods. By Sydney L. O’Brien and C. E. O’Brien, The School for Field Studies Center for Marine Resource Studies, South Caicos Have you ever seen a walking coconut? If you have, chances are it was actually an octopod, running on two arms across the sand. This may sound like an odd piece of science fiction ...
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  • Diving into Diversity December 18, 2023
    Empowering island youth: Scuba diving as a pathway to marine sciences. By Alizee Zimmermann, Turks & Caicos Reef Fund ~ Photos By Reginald Beckford Jr. Close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Descend. The light shimmers above, penetrating through crystal-clear water and creating patterns along the sand, rainbows that dance in and out of the schools of ...
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South Caicos was once a major exporter of salt harvested from its extensive salinas. Award-winning Master and Craftsman Photographer James Roy of Paradise Photography ( created this vertical composition by assembling a series of six images captured by a high-definition drone which was a half a mile away from his position.

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